Boost your health with some clever creations

If you’re determined to keep your New Year’s Resolutions this year, there are plenty of products on the market to help you get fit, stay healthy and even to stop you overindulging.

From the novel to the practical, here are a couple of clever things ideal for your fitness regime.

The HAPIfork monitors the way you eat, so you can ‘adopt healthy eating habits’. It measures the speed and pace of your ‘fork servings’, as eating too fast can lead to digestive problems and obesity. The fork also comes with apps and a coaching program, making it easier to keep an eye on your habits and tweak them if necessary.

Another innovative product is the Contigo AUTOSEAL Water Bottle, which includes a built-in compartment (‘kangaroo pouch’) designed for keys, money and cards, solving any jangly-pocket issues while running and exercising.

There are plenty more clever products here, including…

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ICE – futuristic concept virtual kitchen assistant

Gadgets Extremes

This concept gadget combines conventional lamp to illuminate the kitchen table, with an intelligent system that will prompt methods of cooking and a variety of ways to the tableware. This is done by means of the laser projector and scanner.
ICE can scan its surroundings and assist the user in creating the best meal to suit any occasion. ICE can scan ingredients you’ve already chosen to cook and give suggestions on meals that can be made from those ingredients. The user can also access a vast database of recipes and ICE will guide every step of the way.

Future technology ICE -  futuristic concept

Designer Julen Pejenaute

Future technology ICE -  futuristic concept

Future technology ICE -  futuristic concept

Future technology ICE -  futuristic concept

Future technology ICE -  futuristic concept

Future technology ICE -  futuristic concept

Future technology ICE -  futuristic concept

Future technology ICE -  futuristic concept

Future technology ICE -  futuristic concept

Future technology ICE -  futuristic concept

A kitchen powered by solar energy
Concept – cooking Up The Eco Greens
Mini kitchens
Future kitchen technology
Mini kitchen design

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What successful packaging design must have


Packaging is the brand clear plastic packaging concept, product features, comprehensive reflection of consumer psychology, and it directly affects the consumer to plastic trays buy. We are convinced that the package is a powerful tool to build products and consumer affinity. Economic plastic packaging globalization today, packaging and commodities have been integrated. Packaging as a plastic packaging design means to realize the value and use value of the vac tray commodity in the production, distribution, sale and consumption areas, play an extremely important role in the business community, the design had an important issue. plastic packaging box The function is to protect the product packaging to convey product information, easy to use, easy to transport, plastic box to promote sales, increase product added value. Package as a comprehensive discipline, commodities and art clamshell packaging combined with duality.

Successful packaging design must meet the following five points:

Shelf impression



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Global food packaging standards


Global food plastic packaging packaging standards

International Organization for Standardization iso in haccp safety management system plastic packaging design standard , based on the development of iso22000: 2005 standard – ” one pair of food safety management system for any organization in the food chain requirements .”

The standard of iso experts, representatives of specialized agencies and the international Codex Alimentarius Commission from the food industry , as well as UN agencies FAO and WHO jointly established jointly developed . The standard can be used as technical standards for the global enterprises to establish effective food safety management system to provide guidance and to promote global enterprises with more simple, consistent manner haccp, avoid foods because different countries or different products vary .

iso22000 cites five initial clamshell packaging steps and seven principles of the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Five initial steps include : the establishment of plastic packaging box haccp…

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mp3 packaging design creative positioning strategy


With China’s increasingly rich material life , and constantly improve the people’s purchasing power , and the addition of increasing wto international trade, reducing the difference between similar products , use value increased homogeneity between brands , so consumers : What kind of products can be attracted their attention , what products to buy to make their choice , which is of similar products packaging design put forward higher requirements, only in the packaging design and creative positioning strategies to make an effort in order to make themselves the product ” rosy , unique .”

Creative positioning strategy plays an extremely important role in the whole process of operation of the packaging design , packaging design creative composition is mainly reflected in the design of strategic creativity . The so-called creative , its most basic meaning is a creative idea , a good idea , one thing no one else…

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Packaging Box Structure Design

Corrugated and folding carton box templates

Writing for this blog for so long, and i was always trying to surprise every one came into my blog. In a fact i was always surprised by the others’ blogs. They are so good and amazing. But i still try to do my blogs, because I believe I can some sort of help, maybe  a little, but this can be helpful for some new beginners for designing.

I am not a professional at design, and i do not know much software. And the only software for me that i mastered is Packmage. Not because i do not want to learn, in fact i am learning Flash, PS, CorelDraw, when i am free. I find that mastering a software is amazing, mastering more will be more fun and wonderful.

Packaging design software for corrugated box and folding cartons is done now, now I am going to do more.




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